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WPF Glass Button

In WPF we can easily modify an any controll which looks great with the help of the Style which are available in a WPF.

I decided to create a button which look like a glass button. Normally window developers goes wih an third party tools for the better look and feel but in WPF we can eaisily modify and create a great animation on control with little knwoledge of the WPF and ResourceDictionary

Below I domenstrate the how we create a Glass Button(Transperent button) in WPF. Without using any third party tool.
I used expression blend for the same but we can run this without an expression blend also
Currently I create this style in window resource only so its accessible only for the current window but if we want to use the same button style across the project just create an resource dictionary and put the same design there and access the same using the Key name
Code an output for the same as below

WPF Glass Button Example
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